Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Neverending Quest for LIFE!!!

Evidently casual conversation is no longer a viable option for staving off the abjectly miserable boredom of the work day. There are 3 of us in here, 3 of us who have at least some similar interests, who have plenty of things going on in our lives to discuss, and who actually get along quite well with each other. However, the other two are men. Are all men this taciturn, or have we all just sunken into despair and have given up on being anything but bored at work? Whenever I try to engage anyone in any sort of discussion, I generally get ignored, or a one word answer which is followed by more opressive silence. Is it just me, or is that rude? I've given up on conversation as a way of making this job tolerable.

I've got to get out while I'm still alive!

Monday, August 24, 2009


The Dress is done and gone!! I gave it to Eithni this weekend at Ajax's going away party. Finally, I can work on my own sorely neglected garb-wardrobe, with none of those little pricklings of guilt that insinuate that I'm shirking tasks that ought to come first. I am free! I've finally begun putting the bias tape on the unfinished edge of my fencing coif. It's almost done, and it looks a lot nicer. Speaking of fencing...I've agreed that I'll be Marshal in Charge of Cecil's Siege, which is very daunting, so I'm trying to be brave about it. It can't be that hard, especially at Siege. Last year it ended up being little more than a practice, we had so few fencers. But that does mean I need to make sure I have all of the updated handbooks and paperwork printed off.

I'm also trying to make some more garb before Siege...including underdress, overdress, hood and mantle, and caftan. I think the underdress and hood will be priority. Since I'm being masochistic and persisting in handsewing everything, I might not be able to hope for more. I'll try though.

In other news: Heading to Ages of War in Charles City, IA this weekend with Ru and Cheryl. Promises to be a good time. Weekend after that is my darling godchild/neice's birthday party, and Labor Day camping with the family. Then Siege! And sometime after that, I am really, really hoping to make it to the Shakopee Renaissance Faire. If work decides to tell me last minute that we are going to do a 10 day field session, and spoil my plans, I am going to be incredibly upset. This last weekend was Riverboat Days in Yankton...saw a good rodeo, good fireworks, good parade, good Brule, good bagpipes, good horses, good art. Ajax's going away party was this weekend...he's leaving for the military in about 3 weeks. I'm very glad for him, since he is glad, and very worried for him. Keep him and all our soldiers in your prayers! It was a good party though. Saw friends from far and near...and got rid of The Dress!

Take care, all!

Friday, August 7, 2009

A Matter of Perspective

I am not sitting in a refrigerator box in some random alley. I am getting paid enough to feed, clothe and shelter myself. I have caring friends and family.

This job doesn't suck that bad.

It is a good day.

Now if only I can remember that every day!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Progress, of a sort

I've been working more studiously lately on the dress for Her Highness...she's quickly going to be Her Majesty if I don't hurry up and finish! Anway, it's nearly done, I just have a few more seams to finish up, so they don't fray. I've opted to whip-stitch the edges, since I have a feeling the corners would be rather bulky if I tried french or flat-felled seams, since in some places there are at least 3 seams coming together at once, thanks to the gores. But the whip-stitching is turning out nicely, and looks like it's going to serve it's purpose. Score 1 me! I'm going to be so glad to be done with it! Another night or two of work should do it. I stayed up till 1 last night working on it though, and haven't been sleeping well lately to boot, so I'm exhausted today. I'll be lucky if I can make it till 9:00 tonight before I totally crash. Well, a good night's sleep tonight, and maybe tomorrow I will be ready to go full gear again!