Tuesday, August 26, 2008

To Do List

Baby shopping for three soon-to-arrive chibbies.
Fencing garb for Cecil's Siege.
Pretty blue linen dress for Cecil's Siege.
Finish crocheted baby blanket.
Buy a computer so I can blog from my own, and not someone else's.
Read a book.
Write a book.
Make a skirt.
Eat supper.
Tell everyone hi and that I miss them and love them, like always!


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pollen and Cornfields

I get to go to Hot Springs next week for work! Hooray! At least 10 days away from the icky, humid, sweltering, tearing cornfields of eastern South Dakota. The corn, and every other plant that grows here it seems, is pollenating and making me miserable with allergies. I'm so drugged up right now it's a wonder anything I type makes sense. Or does it? You tell me. Anyway, so my crew chief, bless him, suggested to the Divinity of the Office that they send me out to help finish up the Hot Springs survey next week, and I'm forever grateful to him. Besides the allergies, I'm just tired of being here. If I can't be at home, I want to be far away. None of this mediocre stuff.

Hope everyone's well!