Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Peaceful Solitude/Aching Lonely

When the pain goes away, all that is left is emptiness.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Always Love A Good and Silly Renaissance Faire

I take myself too seriously. I think most people do. My recommended treatment for that...go to the local Renaissance Faire annually.
I would like to believe that I take my historical reenacting fairly seriously, though certainly not as seriously as many, many others of my acquaintance. I like my garb to at least be accurate enough, that anyone who knows better at least won't feel like beating me with a stick. I handsew, I use natural fiber fabric, and attempt to avoid colors that are very unlikely to come from a natural dye. Plastic is bad. You know, things like that. So Ren Faires tend to make me, as an amateur historian, cringe a little bit inside when I see some of the fooferaw that people wear. However, the atmosphere is contagious...everyone is just there for a good time, and light-hearted, mostly-harmless fun.
The Siouxland Renaissance Faire was this weekend, and the local SCA group had a tent there and did various redeeming educational demos for the public, while most of the rest of the fair-goers wandered around in appallingly inaccurate pirate/gypsy/fairy/etc. costumes. I have decided that as long as none of these people attempt to tell me that their costume is historically accurate, I will observe, enjoy, and even participate in the show. (I was on the pirate's side in the ship game. Naturally). And had lots of good fun.
The trick, I've discovered...look at it as an arts show, not as a historical reenactment (because it isn't) and everything will be just fine!

Besides...I got to converse briefly with one of the jousting horses. It's all good.