Friday, June 4, 2010


My garden is up! The tomatoes and cabbages and peppers I had planted from seedlings are looking well...the Roma even has baby green tomatoes on it. I'll have to watch it carefully though; the plant itself isn't very big, and as awesome as early tomatoes would be, I don't want them killing the plant before it can really start producing. The corn, and beans are about 2 inches tall...I swear, one day they weren't there, and the next I looked out my window to see thin rows of green in my garden. The peas are only just starting to poke out of the dirt. At least, that was last night. Then we got rain overnight, and now it's warm, so they'll probably be looking pretty good by the time I get home. The spinach is also just starting to peek out. There are a few cucumber plants about an inch or so high as well. I'm pretty excited; I'll have to post pictures one of these days!

The strawberries, however, are being preyed upon. Every time I see a hint of pink in the strawberry patch, I get hopeful...then I check them later to see how they are doing, and they've been eaten! Just the red bits...the culprit tends to pick out the red cheeks of the strawberry, and leave whatever is still green. I've caught both birds and squirrels cavorting in the patch, so I might have to see what I can do to put up some netting or something around them. Poor strawberries! Don't even have a chance to get ripe.

Debating on planting some butternut or acorn squash yet too. I think acorn.