Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Good news for me; bad news for my stomach lining? We've finally got a working microwave in the gallery where I work, which means I don't have to run across the street to the annex when it's freezing cold to heat water for my tea, which is only lukewarm anyway by the time I get it back to my "desk" (read "table"). I know this doesn't sound particularly significant if you are not a tea-drinker, but if you are, you will realize that it's almost a vital element of the day...especially if your blood circulation is as poor as mine. Sometimes a mug of hot tea is the only thing that will warm my hands up, and uncurl my frigid fingers long enough to be able to type/write/whatever. Or warm up my brain.

So I'm celebrating by drinking more hot, strong, black tea than is really good for perhaps my stomach (I'm told the acidity is bad for you. Meh.) but is actually quite good for my mind and my soul. This one's for co-workers who bring in old, outdated microwaves to work when they replace them at home!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mood swings

I've been bored, tired, and cranky all day. Then I got the phone call. That's it. I can't say I'm completely ecstatically happy about the rest of the day now, but I'm definitely, positively feeling a lifting of the spirits. A question about the roads, about how my cold is progressing, that's it. But it's the only time today, since leaving home and saying bye to my roommate, that I've heard the voice of someone I actually enjoy talking to. Funny how that changes things, isn't it?

That and the assurance that tomorrow will be better.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

And besides...

They make me spell grey with an "a." It's not right. I mean, it's just as correct as the other way, but it's not right. I'm quite put out about that.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Out of the Loop?

Oh my gosh. So Landon just happened to mention to me some random comment about "the Christmas Party" that's TOMORROW NIGHT!
What Christmas party?
The lab party.
There's a lab Christmas party?
Yes, I've known about it for months. Even the British kids have known about it forever. You didn't hear about it?
No. How did you hear about it?
It's just been known. I suppose they assumed you knew.

Gotta love the way word gets around at the office. So he went and told the head honcho's in the office, came back, and handed me a flyer with info, and said "They feel really bad about it."

I laughed evilly. I'm glad.