Monday, May 24, 2010

First Time in a Long Time

I went fishing this weekend! I haven't been fishing since I was 16; that was the first year that I had to buy a fishing license, and I wanted to go snagging for paddlefish with my dad. So that would be the last time I'd been fishing, up until this weekend. The boyfriend got me a fishing pole, so I got a license, and off we went, to the Palisades along the Big Sioux River. It was a good time...I caught 3 bullheads, and he caught a couple as well, along with a smallmouth bass and a mud turtle...which we threw back. (Though I hear turtle tastes like chicken...)

I also got a couple of tomato plants, and a bunch of seeds to put in my garden. I'm so happy that my new place has a garden patch in the yard. There's a strawberry patch as well, with some of them already turning pink! It's very exciting. Planting corn, beans, peas, cucumbers, spinach, and basil, at least. My mom also gave me some tomato plants, a few cabbage plants, and some peppers. I said "Mom, I don't eat peppers. What am I going to do with them?" And she laughed and said, "well, maybe Sarah will eat them." I guess I can make salsa out of them, that would be good.