Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Era, definitely

It's been awhile, hasn't it? I'm enjoying my new job. Working at the Oral History Center at USD, if you missed that memo. I probably shouldn't be posting this while I'm at work, but hey, you need quick breaks even from jobs you like, right? It's been a good experience: I'm learning new things, I have employers who care about what actually goes on, and who are motivated. My co-workers are easy to get along with. The work is interesting, and I can take pride in doing it, because it's something that actually needs to be done. It doesn't feel so futile, working here, you know? It's mentally stimulating work, so my brain isn't fermenting anymore, and I feel like this job could actually take me somewhere that I want to go--instead of being stuck in storage all my life. Ok, well, technically, I'm still in a "storage" room of sorts, but it's a dynamic storage room instead of a static storage room.

Hey, it made sense to me. Deal with it. :P

I'll be moving into a house in Vermillion this weekend. Rental. It's got a yard, and space for gardening, which is mostly what I care about! And I have a place to do all of those messy SCA projects that you don't want to do indoors now! Like retting flax!

I'm going to miss a number of Sioux Falls peeps. But I was already missing a number of Vermillion peeps, so what can you do? It's been great reuniting with some people down here tho. Well, not that I ever really lost track, but it's wonderful to be able to actually hang out with them again. And it's even better being in Vermillion this time around, because I got to choose to be here, instead of feeling like I was stuck here until I finished a degree. I really do like this town.

Of course, the timing was somewhat unfortunate...of course I had to start dating Boy in Sioux Falls the day before (literally!) I start a new job in a town an hour away. But an hour isn't bad, and I think that space is a good thing to have in a new relationship. It seems to be working, anyway!

I guess this means that any plans I had for grad school will be put off for awhile longer though, if I still decide I want to go. This job is grant-funded for 2 1/2 years...after that, who knows. I mean, I'm sure I could get out of it if I really wanted/needed to, but I'd like to finish the job I start, instead of being here to get things started, and then go gallivanting off to England or some such to take more classes. It's ok though...I'm still not sure what I want to go for, because all of the programs that look REALLY awesomely perfect don't really offer me too many future job prospects other than teaching college, which isn't something I think I want to do. And I just cringe thinking about how much MORE in debt I'd be when I finished a degree that wouldn't get me a job to help pay off said debt. Sigh. Well, I have at least 2 1/2 years to think about it!

So that's mostly what's new with me. What's new with you?

Oh...and I'm going to Crown Tourney this spring. In a week. As a consort. I still haven't decided if I want him to win or not...

Wish me luck, however it turns out!